DC’s only kettlebell certification program

Mastery of the Basics

  • Learn how to execute the fundamental kettlebell lifts and their variations
  • Dissect and perform swing, snatch, clean, jerk, and long cycle
  • Learn proper breathing techniques 

Physical Training Principles

  • Includes learning about pace, alignment, fixation, and safety associated with each movement 
  • Learn how to regulate your tension in improving the efficiency of your lifts

Coaching Skills

  • Learn how to coach others safely and effectively
  • Learn how to design a program for any fitness goal you or your clients may have: strength, endurance, work capacity, muscle mass, and mobility

Who should take the certification course?

  • Personal trainers, group exercise instructors, or other fitness professionals who which to incorporate the benefits of kettlebell training to help clients decrease injury and increase strength.

Certification Benefits

  • Receive a kettlebell training certificate upon completion from F3
  • Receive the Von Seth Method training manual with detailed break downs of the swings and lifts and workout programs that can be used for personal or client training
  • Receive Dissecting the Pentathlon, a guide that will assist you in passing the certification test 
  • Learn how to safely perform and teach the fundamental kettlebell exercises and several variations
  • Learn how to teach a dynamic and effective kettlebells class or session
  • Teach kettlebell basics to beginners 
  • Expand your own perceived strength and ability

Price: $600