Executive Team

Glenn Seth

RKC, WKC, LMT: co-founder, Master Trainer

Glenn has been training with kettlebells for more than fifteen years after serving as a US Marine, and has certifications from World Kettlebell Club (WKC), Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) and ACE. He has trained with world-class athletes Valery Fedorenko and Catherine Imes. Glenn's unique teaching approach to kettlebell training focuses on flow which, along with fitness and function, give F3 its name. At F3 Wellness Connections, rated best kettlebell workout by the Washington Post, Glenn and his team offer a progression program for new clients to advance their kettlebell practice through four stages, called the Path of the Warrior. For advanced students and local trainers, Glenn offers DC's only kettlebell certification program, The VonSeth Method. He is also a licensed massage therapist with over fifteen years of hands-on training and experience in top spas in and around DC.


Sarah Seth

MBA, HKC: co-founder, managing partner

Sarah was born in Paris but grew up in Cote D’Ivoire (her country of origin) and France until moving to the USA in 2008 to continue her studies. She became a strong advocate for fitness and wellness after she decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle six years ago, which resulted in a significant weight loss and drastic improvement in her health and wellbeing. Sarah was introduced to kettlebell training and the health and wellness industry by her husband Glenn in 2013 and it automatically turned into her passion. Having witnessed the life-changing effects of kettlebell training, she was inspired to use her business management background to assist her husband in growing their family business and sharing the tremendous mental and physical benefits of fitness training and massage therapy with their community. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Temple University and a Master of Business Administration from University of Maryland University College. She is also a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified (HKC) Instructor. She loves traveling and discovering new cultures with her family and is dedicated to raising a healthy, happy daughter.


Kettlebell Training


Danny Lamas

B.A, HKC: Head Trainer

Danny is a certified F3 coach and Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor. He has trained under Master Trainer Glenn Seth since 2011. He has a B.A. from George Washington University in Political Science. He was inspired to take up kettlebells as an enthusiast of author Tim Ferriss' books on entrepreneurship, learning, and fitness. The efficiency of full-body kettlebell workouts in improving functional strength and producing rapid fat loss inspired him to become a regular at F3 for more than two years before becoming an instructor. Danny enjoys presenting clients with new and exciting challenge through consistently varied workouts.




Alejandra Quinonez


With 10 years of practice and 7 years of teaching experience, Alejandra was trained in traditional Hatha Yoga in Goa, India and has been recognized at the Ayurvedic Expert of DC for 2019. Along with stretching and strengthening, her yoga classes focus on the benefits of yoga on the central nervous system and the endocrine systems. In addition, she offers nutrition coaching, life coaching, along with movement and philosophy workshops.


Emily Szajda


Emily Szajda, writer, chef, yoga and meditation instructor and sports nutritionist left “Corporate America” for an entrepreneurial life focused on finding more work/life balance in Europe. Emily began her journey into self-awareness and spirituality merely by the physical practice of yoga, but overtime her practice evolved into much more. After graduating from ASU with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Geography in 2010, in addition to having degrees in culinary arts and hospitality management, Emily felt driven to share the beauty of yoga and meditation with others. Inspired by one of her early instructors, Vivienne Sio Tarquinio, she completed her 200-hour RYT in June 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona at At One Yoga sponsored by Life Power studying under renowned yoga instructors, Jenn Chiarelli and John Salisbury. She also earned her 85-hour PRYT in Italy in 2017.


Ronnica Weeks


Ronnica was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She moved to Los Angeles, CA shortly after graduating to pursue a career in screenplay writing. She was introduced to yoga in 2010 as a way to manage her anxiety and through her personal practice, she discovered how conscious breathing combined with yoga postures calms the central nervous system. She received her RYT 200 after moving back to her hometown. She believes that your body is your first teacher so listen to it and highly recommends Child’s Pose when needed. She enjoys sharing her love of yoga through teaching classes that focus on keeping students centered and focused on breathing as they flow through the postures.


Hannah MacKay


Originally from New Zealand, Hannah became a dedicated student of yoga in 2015 while living in Perth, Australia. Her love for the practice grew from developing the ability to still her mind and becoming more aware of the inner and outer revolutions taking place in the body. With the belief in balancing the integrity of our yin and yang nature she teaches both a fluid power vinyasa and a yin/restorative class. Her classes create good vibes, cultivate space and invite consciousness. As a lover of all music you can expect anything from classical to hip-hop to accompany the practice.




Shelley Green


Shelley provides therapeutic massage to address soft tissue injury and dysfunction, chronic pain, and stress management.  As an experienced therapist, she listens and tailors your session accordingly.  Shelley specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy.  She also has had training in Oncology Massage and Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy for TMJ and Dysfunction.


Robin Younginer


Robin is an intuitive therapeutic certified massage therapist Licensed in Washington, DC. She graduated from PMTI in 2004. She is certified in Hot Stone Therapy and has completed courses in Cranio Sacral and Trigger modalities. She also completed the Compassionate Clinical Service: Oncology / Hospital Massage Intensive course.


Brigette’ M MU


Graduated from the Potomac Massage Training Institute, February 2010 

Specialty: Modalities Deep tissue, Sports, Swedish, Warm Stone, Prenatal and certified in Reiki 1 and 2 

Her goal is to help clients achieve maximum mobility and relaxation. Educating clients about the benefits of massage and making it clear that massage is a Mind Body Spirit connection. Providing a feeling of wellbeing while helping to reduce heart rates and increase quality sleep. 

Working in the District of Columbia enables her to provide exceptional professional massage services to clients who were in physical therapy, massage clinics and Office spaces such as Google, also highly requested at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. 

With 10 years of experience, she plans to continue to excel at her profession and to provide her clients with the services that is expected of a professional. 


Private Chef Services

Chef Made Master.jpeg

Made Master

Chef Made Master is a renowned sushi chef known for creating stunningly beautiful and flavorful plates of sushi. He has gained experience in a number of sushi restaurants across the country, beginning as a sushi helper and working his way up to his currently coveted role of head sushi chef. His calming, yet energetic demeanor makes him an outstanding host to a number of memorable cooking classes and culinary experiences.


Esthetician Services


Anna Hall

Master Esthetician

Anna Hall is a native of the beautiful country of Armenia. she obtained her certification as Master Esthetician, specializing with advance clinical skincare, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and lymphatic drainage from the Esthetic Institute of Virginia. She takes the time to analyze each individual of their skin textures and skin care concerns. Then she customizes a treatment plan that will help best each client. To achieve this, Anna utilizes and combines only the best natural and organic products of various brands that provide actual results. She does not rely on a brand’s entire product line, rather she researches, identifies and utilizes only the products that have proven successful. She also specializes with various skin care technologies including European-sourced microcurrent, radio frequency, and electric muscle stimulator (EMS) machines. Anna focuses on each client’s specific needs, combining both technological skin care treatments and the best products available. Under Anna’s care, customers discover effective preventative, anti-aging and nourishing skin care.




Nikky Hindle


Nikky is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition with a minor in Kinesiology. She subsequently completed her dietetic internship through Cedar Crest College, where her work experience included rotations at Penn State Sports Nutrition, UPMC Altoona, and Penn State Cooperative Extension. Nikky is both a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certified by the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF). Additionally, Nikky is a member of the National Physique Committee (NPC), the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), and the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) dietetic practice group. Nikky specializes in nutrition counseling in several areas, including sports nutrition for amateur, high school, and collegiate athletes; medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and eating disorders; and general healthy nutrition for individuals looking to gain muscle, lose fat, or attain optimal health and vitality.