Love is in the air at F3

At any given time you might likely to stumble upon some kettlebell swinging lovebirds at F3 - two people who can't get enough of each other. They are always together rooting each other on, offering some high-fives for a job well done. They roll out the limp limbs of their love in the aftermath of an extra-taxing workout.


At F3  Training & Bodywork, we know that fitness goals are often maintained when you have a partner pushing you along.  Since we are approaching Valentine's Day and love is in the air... we want to offer a special couples rate in the month of February! 

$249 Flat Rate for 2 Unlimited Monthly Memberships! That's over a $50 dollar savings. You can also treat your other half to great massages,and/or personal or small group training sessions with our gift certificates.

Glenn SethComment