Food Matters

Summer is here and your trainer has great sessions planned. We will continue to work steadily and effectively with kettlebells, bodyweight, and a number of other tools to move towards strength, weight loss, and general fitness.

But what about before you arrive and after you leave your session? What food are you consuming? The terms “Pre” and “Post Workout Meals” are probably not new to you. But what should you eat for each? Should you eat one or both?

There are many different approaches, and while you can work with your F3 trainer for more info, today we turn to your peers for a few Pre and Post-Workout Meal Ideas:

John: Pre is hot tea and half of a whole grain English muffin; Post is two eggs and a protein bar.

Ashley: Pre is two boiled eggs 2 – 2.5 hours before or nothing if I don’t have two hours before. Post is tuna and a sweet potato or yam.

Janet: No Pre Workout meal works for me. Post is an omelet with veggies and chicken.

Rich: No Pre Workout Meal. A protein smoothie with protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk and frozen banana for my post workout meal.

Are any of the above ideas helpful to you?

The truth is that there is no ONE correct approach. The Pre-Workout meal is the more controversial of the two and largely depends on when you work out and plain old personal preference. That said, a good post-workout meal should be non-negotiable for all.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to share YOUR pre and post workout meal ideas.


Glenn SethComment