Become a Lifestyle Provider for Your Tenants

Judging from the media, it would be easy to think that all millennials want from life is brunch and avocado toast. 

But do not be fooled—these are real people with real needs, and they are increasingly your customers. 

Amenities Make The Difference

Research shows that today’s young professionals work very hard for their income, and want to spend their leisure time de-stressing and relaxing. They seek more than just a place to sleep and store their stuff—they want to live, work, and play in the same close area. Your potential tenants are seeking a lifestyle, so a living space that provides amenities to help them live their best life is going to be highly desirable for this group. 

Healthy Living At Home

Today’s 20-somethings are a health-conscious group, and access to exercise and healthy lifestyle options is highly important to them. However, they don’t want to join just any gym; this is a group that is up on the latest trends, and they look for some amount of exclusivity. Small, onsite workout and wellness facilities are increasingly seen as symbols of status and are mutually beneficial to both property owners and tenants. 

F3 Training and Bodywork offers small group classes or individualized private training to your tenants on site. We are Washington’s #1 kettlebells training source, and we also provide a variety of healthy events. We bring many years of expertise in whole-body fitness, from intensive workouts to healing massage to nutrition, and healthy cooking.

Call or email me today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Together, we will create the right health and wellness program that is unique to your property.

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F3 Training and Bodywork


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