Enough with this fake sh*t!

I reflect on 2017 and how it will shape my business model and personal life in 2018. It reinforced my belief on how integrity and honor should reflect the core values of my business.

These values are what created the substance of my business model and helped me flourish. I learned the importance of this while trying to make a partnership work for the past couple of years. If you do not share the same values as your partner, then the relationship is destined to fail. There will only be distrust and resentment.

Social media encourages a culture where it is better to be superficial than our authentic selves. "Alternative facts" have become the norm, and we are all guilty of getting an ego boost from how many likes and followers we have. We are hyperconnected yet highly disconnected from ourselves, divided, stressed and unhappy.

My resolution this year is to focus on building long-lasting, meaningful relationships. My goal is to create more value for my clients by helping them improve physically, mentally and spiritually. Let's all live in the moment instead of capturing the moment. Let's all focus on improving ourselves instead of judging others.

Contact me today to get started on one of my wellness programs! I’m here to help make 2018 your transformation year.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


Glenn Seth


F3 Training and Bodywork



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