Memorable Moments Make Lifelong Tenants: 7 Steps to Boost Exposure and Raise Occupancy

Apartment living is a competitive market. With so many options, locations, prices, and varying amenities, tenants have much to consider when deciding where to lay their heads. With that in mind, it is critical for your community to stand out among the crowd, to demonstrate that your apartment community provides the comforts and lifestyle your future tenants are seeking, while also demonstrating value.

Here are some top tips to help you boost your apartment community’s exposure and increase your occupancy, through simple solutions that will make your tenants content enough to stay and happy enough to tell others about it.

1- Host Memorable Community Events. Plan community events to involve your entire apartment community. Keep both current resident, as well as, prospective residents in mind when planning. Encourage them to not only come but also to bring friends, family, and co-workers to the activity, multiplying the positive benefits you will gain. Unique, memorable events establish a community atmosphere that will keep your tenants around for years to come.

Some examples might be a spa day, a group cooking demonstration or lesson, a fitness workshop, a wellness seminar on proper nutrition or a yoga event. The sky is the limit. F3 Wellness Connections can help you with all of these ideas and more.

2- Promotional Items. At your events and at other times, give away branded items such as water bottles, visors and more. Distribute brochures and applications at festivals and community gatherings, along with some of these items. Create a catchy T-shirt slogan, something that ties in with the broader community, that people will want to wear around town. Turn these items into walking billboards for your apartment community and watch the word-of-mouth spread.

3- Use Facebook Events. Create Facebook events for everything you schedule. This will help your tenants keep track of events, but it also gives you the opportunity to reach well beyond the walls of your apartment community. You can boost these events by creating Facebook Ads, a surprisingly affordable way to gain exposure and reach your target audience. Be sure to pick an attention-grabbing cover photo.

4- Start a User Generated Content Campaign. UGC campaigns help you generate content by encouraging your audience to create it. Use a clever, catchy branded hashtag and encourage your residents to use it as they post photos.

5- Have an Instagram Contest. Theme your contest seasonally or around one of your community events. Think Halloween costume contest, best holiday décor, best ways to ring in the New Year, and so forth. Give a prize or rent credit. F3 can help you offer some tremendous prizes, such as massages, personal training, esthetician services, and more, to really turn up the attention on the contest.

6- Give Discounts to Those Who Check-In Online During Tours. Ask everyone who comes for a tour to check-in on Facebook, and to share about the tour on Facebook, Instagram and more. When they do, provide them a discount on their first month of rent, offer a value-added service upon move-in, etc. This tells their friends they’ve been looking at your community and provides content for your followers as well.

7- Partner with Local businesses. Pair up with local businesses. your property can promote them in your move-in packets and they could offer some sort of deal such as a free personal training session or a discount on their services. This helps you build relationships with business owners, indirectly increasing your word-of-mouth referrals while also helping tie-in your residents to the surrounding neighborhood communities.

Let F3 assist you in creating memorable and social-media-worthy events, activities and partnerships that will leave great lasting impressions with current and prospective residents and boost your property exposure and occupancy. We offer a tremendous benefits program to communities we partner with. By participating in our Benefits Program, your community and residents will receive special rates on our wellness services, as well as, complimentary services. Contact us today so we can create the right health and wellness program that is unique to your property.

Glenn SethComment