Bring Your Residents The Ultimate Summer Challenge

To our residential managers and teammates,

June is just around the corner, and that means we’re ready to rock. For the sixth year running, we at F3 are embarking on our astonishing journey to execute 10,000 kettlebell swings in 30 days — and we want to get your residents involved. Created by renowned strength training and kettlebell coach Dan John, this incredible challenge offers the unique opportunity to push the body’s limits and test our own physical and mental strength. The result? A truly unique fitness experience that will help bring your residents’ personal wellness to the next level.

Participation in this program does not mean taking on this challenge alone. Just like every year, we’ve built a fantastic network of supporters, participants, and coaches to lead your residents to victory this June.

When you support your residents’ journey in the 30 Day Swing Challenge, we will provide:

  • Weekly kettlebell swing classes — the perfect opportunity for your residents to reach their milestones and rack up their numbers.
  • Guidance from certified fitness instructors focused on supporting your residents through this incredible journey.
  • Free copies of our kettlebell video tutorial and the Swing Challenge Success Manual for every participating resident. The manual includes curated meal plans, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, food and exercise tracking sheets, tailored workouts, and our guide to choosing the correct kettlebell, all designed to help our warriors get started and keep them on the path to victory.
  • Daily workouts and accountability emails delivered directly to residents’ inboxes, offering tips and motivation for a successful campaign.
  • Access to the F3 tracking system and the private F3 10,000 Swing Challenge Facebook Group. These online resources offer your residents a place to track their progress online, as well as a supportive community of licensed trainers, F3 staff members, and other challenge participants who are eager to achieve victory together. We strongly urge your residents to join the Facebook group, as it is the perfect resource for curated nutrition tips, planned workouts, live training sessions, and challenge Q&As.

Each year, the 30 Day Swing Challenge brings out the best in our community of warriors — and we want to guide your residents through this incredible journey of strength and transformation. This year, we’re offering a grand prize to the first kettlebell warrior who breaks the 10,000-swing ceiling — F3 Signature Wellness Package valued at $320 which includes: 1 private kettlebell sessions, a 60-minute massage, and a 60-min European Facial.

We encourage all participants to share their progress on social media with the hashtag #F310KSwingChallenge, and welcome all of our residential partners to get in on the action with their own contests, support systems, and offerings.

Are you ready to join your residents on this incredible journey? Call or email our team today to discuss your community’s personalized participation program. We look forward to seeing the results — and trust us, they will be truly astonishing.

In Health,

Glenn and The F3 Team

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