Partner & Plan The Event of the Summer

Most summer parties focus on fatty barbecue and calorie-packed beer. But with a curated resident event through F3 Wellness Connections, you can offer your residents a unique, authentic fitness and wellness experience they can’t find anywhere else in the city. This summer, celebrate the season of sun with one of our curated rooftop events: 

Deep House Vinyasa Party

Vinyasa yoga on the rooftop. A picturesque sunset. A live DJ mixing deep house music. These three ingredients make up our new Deep House Vinyasa Party, a one-of-a-kind wellness experience designed for fun, fitness, and total relaxation. Your residents bring their yoga mats and water bottles, and we bring the party as F3 instructor Simone Egwu leads a class of up to twenty students in a one-hour vinyasa yoga practice for all levels, accompanied by live music from DJ Just Chad. After the practice, participants can mix, mingle, and dance the night away over light refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. This unique fitness party offers your residents a chance to unwind with a great workout and great tunes—and of course, the opportunity to turn neighbors into friends.

Pilates on the Patio with Chauna Bryant

She’s a DC-based Pilates expert, a wellness enthusiast, and an avid yogi — and now, she’s an F3 partner. Southern California native Chauna Bryant brings a sunny disposition and a blazing workout to the season of sunshine. Offer your residents a one-of-a-kind fitness experience with Pilates on the Patio, Chauna’s curated summer workout session, available exclusively through F3 Wellness Connections. Perfect for rooftops and courtyards alike, this high-intensity Pilates workshop offers a unique experience that focuses on one-on-one training, strength and flexibility improvement, and high-intensity cardio in the sunshine. Show your residents the incredible benefits of Pilates and outdoor training with one of Chauna’s specialty services. 

Metro Mantras: Guided Meditation on the Rooftop

It may be the season of barbeques and fun in the sun, but even summer can have its stresses. Treat your residents to a unique relaxation experience with guided meditation on the rooftop. Guided meditation refers to a time of relaxation and rejuvenation, during which a trained teacher guides participants through their meditation practice with vocal and physical cues. Hosted at sunrise, sunset, or during your favorite hour of a DC afternoon, F3’s guided meditation series offers your residents the chance to unwind in a serene and supportive environment. Utilizing the benefits of visualization, breath focus, and the gentle stimuli of the surrounding city, your residents will embark on a truly unique journey of relaxation and spiritual contentment — and by the end of an hour, they’ll find themselves ready to take on a full season of summertime adventures.

Add fresh air and sunshine to good fun and a great workout, and you have F3’s stellar summer lineup. Call or email us today to set up your personalized quote and claim a spot on our schedule, and to learn more about the summer spectaculars we have on offer. We can’t wait to celebrate the sunshine with you!

Glenn SethComment