Binge-Worthy Workouts, Episode Two: STRANGER THINGS

Another month down, another episode in our Binge-Worthy Workouts series to reveal, inspired by the TV shows and movies we love the most.

This month’s workout is perfect for fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things, known for its dramatic twists, brilliant mysteries, and jaw-dropping cliffhangers that will leave you as breathless as a particularly good kettlebell session.

This workout is perfect for breaks between episodes. Don’t forget to use the opening and closing credits for your warm-up and cool-down!

  1. 30 one-handed swings (alternating between left and right)

  2. 30 second rest

  3. 25 two-handed swings

  4. 25 second rest

  5. 20 one-handed swings (alternating)

  6. 20 second rest

  7. 15 two-handed swings

  8. 15 second rest

  9. 10 one-handed swings (alternating)

  10. 10 second rest

Watch another episode and repeat! After one season, you’ll be ready to grab your baseball bat and take on the Demogorgon yourself.

Glenn SethComment