Check out the 5 Hottest Trends in 2019 to Keep Your Residents Happy

As a property manager, you know the value of offering services and conveniences to differentiate your community from the competition. These “extras” keep your residents home in your community and encourage them to spread the word. So, what if you took it up a level in 2019, adding one or more of these trending amenities to your residents?

Check out these top five trending amenities and imagine the possibilities when it comes to resident recruitment and retention.

1 – Pets Are a Part of the Family, Too. It’s no secret that millennials love their pets, with 75% of Americans in their 30’s owning at least one dog. With this generation thriving in rental spaces and owning homes less, they are likewise becoming parents later in life and therefore cherish the relationships with their pets even more. With this in mind, it’s critical to offer amenities that attract and retain pet owners, such as on-site off-leash dog parks, pet spas, pet washing stations and dog walking and watching services. F3 Wellness Connections offers unique wellness events where residents can bring their canine companions.

2- Encourage Wellness in Your Community. Some of the most popular emerging amenity trends are those which improve your residents’ health and wellness. While fitness centers and polls are still must-have amenities, a new focus has emerged. Offering additional amenities such as climbing walls, exercise and yoga classes, massage, and cooking classes, has become imperative in order to stand out from the crowd and meet the higher expectations for health-minded millennials.

F3 offers residents a variety of spa, fitness, and culinary services to choose from, as well as innovative community-based wellness events. From rooftop yoga classes, to kettlebell or clubbell training, we aim to make your wellness amenities hassle-free for residents and guests by creating the right health and wellness program that is unique to your property.

3 - Make Life Easier for Your Residents. Residential communities that help improve their residents’ lives are growing rapidly in popularity. If you can save your residents time or money, you will be a step ahead of the competition. As a result, top property managers are building convenience into all aspects of their residential experience.

Convenience is the name of the game, whether you offer concierge services handling dinner reservations, dry cleaning, deliveries and more, or offering amenities such as car-charging stations, bike storage and repair, and ample parking spaces. Your residents will embrace things that ease their busy lifestyle and reduces demands on their time.

F3 caters to your residents’ busy lifestyles, helping residents manage work-life balance. All of our services are brought to the home, helping them fit health and wellness into their busy schedules. We can assist you in connecting your residents with personal fitness coaches, massage therapists, estheticians, a personal chef, private yoga instruction, and more.

4 – Community Areas Build Engagement and Retention. Amenities featured in community areas are also a top draw for residents. The interest in specialized areas and activities is growing every year, with community shared spaces moving from pools and hot tubs to fitness centers, resort-style swimming facilities, and other unique spaces.

Events also help build community by offering unique, memorable experiences that residents can share together. Help cultivate your residents’ sense of community by hosting memorable activities and events through F3 Wellness, your one-stop shop for all of your event needs. We offer an array of fun, unique, and health-oriented events for your residents that will keep them excited and leave them wanting more. We have event options for all seasons, all occasions, and all settings, offering your residents unique and memorable wellness experiences they can’t find anywhere else.

5- Technology is King. Your residents handle so many things in their life through mobile apps or online services. So, why should residential amenities be any different? Whether ordering food, hailing on Uber, or streaming on Netflix, technology helps them with their daily lives. In 2019, it’s time to make technology a key amenity in your community’s benefit portfolio. In order to keep pace with the competition, owners and property managers must offer new technological innovations.

F3 is here to help, with our dedicated online booking system for your apartment building where residents can book massage therapists, estheticians, a personal chef, and RSVP for events. Offer this service and wow your residents today.

Regardless of your community’s needs, F3 Wellness Connections can help you take these next steps to stand above the competition, increasing resident satisfaction, and improving lease retention rates. Contact us today so we can create the right health and wellness program that is unique to your property.

Glenn SethComment