How to Spit in The Face of Adversity

2018 was a year of challenges and risk taking for F3. It began with restructuring the business. We unfortunately lost many of our clients along the way. Clients who were friends and had been training with us for years. It was a tough decision, but we had to say “goodbye”. Financially, it did not make sense to continue. Therefore, we decided to redirect our focus on providing personalized services to our clients. 

My strength as a wellness provider has always been to connect with people on a personal level. With massage and personal training, clients have always experienced the best results when the service was tailored to their needs and goals. It was a natural transition. Our goal was to take a holistic approach to our clients wellbeing by offering a variety of new services that complemented our existing offerings. We would make it convenient and accessible by bringing fitness, spa services and culinary experiences directly to their home. 

This new venture came with its myriad of challenges.

Building relationships with luxury apartment communities residents and management required traversing the gatekeepers. Along the way, we have had to deal with many who lacked integrity, honesty and consideration. Yet despite being jerked around and pushed to our limits, we found this a great learning experience. Those obstacles forced us to think creatively and dig deep within ourselves to overcome adversity and ultimately reach our goals. It allowed us to build, strengthen and appreciate new, and existing relations. 

As the new year begins, we are energized and excited about tackling the new challenges in store for us. We are prepared to get out of our comfort zone and dive into the uncertainty of the corporate world. Providing our wellness services at the workplace will now allow us to assist people in not only feeling their best, but also performing at their best.

In 2019, we challenge you to have courage and don’t settle! 

Be fearless… 

Be positive… 

Have faith…

You are stronger than you think!

Know your limits and then crush them! Remember you are a badass. 

Have a successful and healthy new year!

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” 

― Robert F. Kennedy

Stay Strong

Glenn and Sarah

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