Fitness vs. Wellness: Why Wellness is the “New Fitness”

Physical fitness. It’s a goal that most desire, and some achieve. It evokes images of running, lifting, cycling and more. Yet, even after achieving fitness in our cardiovascular health, muscle tone, BMI and more, there are still numerous dimensions to our well-being that go beyond the fitness of our physical bodies.

That’s where wellness comes in. While fitness is a key component to wellness, a wellness lifestyle entails more than sprints, weights and six-pack abs. It involves reducing stress, eating in a way that nourishes our bodies while energizing our lives, finding relaxation and purpose in our daily routines including mental and emotional clarity. Wellness accounts for our entire being. It’s “Fitness 2.0.”

So, why take a wellness approach along with a commitment to fitness?

Rather than focusing purely on one area of wellness, such as weight loss or strength training, the concept behind F3 Wellness Connections focuses on bringing true balance to five key areas of the total self: physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual. A wellness lifestyle supports these five areas and helps all of them thrive, greatly enhancing overall contentment, happiness, and feelings of well-being.

F3 Wellness Connections helps clients gain in these five areas of wellness by instilling these key wellness values into everything we do:

  1. Fitness matters. At the cores of a wellness lifestyle is a commitment to commitment. F3 helps you accomplish this through kettlebell training, yoga and more. A body that is healthy is a body that works at its best, giving you the most fulfilled and satisfied life possible.

  2. Emotional well-being is critical. As we train our bodies and build our physical selves, taking care of our emotions is the next step to achieving overall wellness. Emotional well-being gives us satisfaction in our lives and keeps us positively motivated to continue on the wellness journey.

  3. Minds are made to grow. In addition to strengthening our bodies and tending to our emotional state, we must likewise challenge our minds to grow and expand. Our brains control our body, with the central nervous system affecting even the most minute details of how our bodies function. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that as we stimulate our brains to learn and develop, we experience positive effects in many ways.

  4. We thrive in community. While achieving wellness is fulfilling regardless of how we accomplish it, it’s the most fulfilling when done in community. That’s why F3 Wellness Connections is there to support you every step of the way. With group options and community experiences, we believe the journey to wellness is best taken together.

  5. Spiritual contentment affects our entire being. When our spirit is content and at peace, we fell the positive effects in everything we do. As we tend to spiritual needs, our emotions often come in line as does our body. Spiritual peace likewise encourages us along the path to wellness and keeps us motivated to permanently adopt the wellness lifestyle.

Contact F3 Wellness Connections today and see how we can help you along your journey to total wellness. Our wellness concierge services include customized fitness, massage therapy, and nutrition programs and are customized to fit your lifestyle, personal goals, and needs.

Glenn SethComment