5 Reasons to Train with F3

When it comes to exercise, many of us stick with the same tired routine. We head for the same class at the gym, do the same weight training routine, or run the same distance. Sure, regular exercise is good for you, but it’s also important to break out of your regular routine and learn new ways of training.


At F3, we can teach you to train effectively and efficiently. Here are just five of the reasons you should train with F3:


1. Break Though Weight-Loss Plateaus

Many of us have experienced the frustration of working out hard and either continuing to gain weight or simply not seeing any change.


Because the body adapts to the demands we set on it, you burn fewer calories if you do the same exercises over time. It’s important to challenge your body in new ways. When the body has to work differently, it works harder and burns more calories.


F3 trainers will show you new and interesting ways to challenge your body so you will burn more calories. The result will be a stronger and leaner you.  


2. Prevent injuries

Learning proper form is fundamental for any fitness activity. Those who don’t use good form will either wind up injured or not working the muscles as they intended. F3 trainers take the time to teach and practice correct kettlebell exercises and emphasize the importance of good form in all movements.


Getting feedback from a F3 trainer can help correct improper movement patterns and help you better target the intended muscles.


3. Get Stronger

Individual goals range from getting through daily activities without pain and restrictions to finishing a marathon. Regardless of your goal – the best way to get there is by getting stronger.


F3 trainers can adapt a program to any level. We pay constant attention to the appropriate progressions and regressions based on individual capabilities. Whether you're an avid exerciser or haven't worked out in years, we will build upon your current fitness level safely and effectively.


Building strength is vital for improving mobility, endurance, sports performance, and for being prepared for everyday life.


4. Stay Motivated


All to often we hear about the fitness programs that were started and then abandoned. An F3 trainer can really help to keep you motivated and working hard. They will keep track of your progress and push you to the next level, safely.


Each time you train with an F3 trainer, you’ll likely be doing a different workout. This shakes things up and prevents you from hitting a progress plateau. And, when you enjoy your workouts, you are much more likely to continue with a fitness routine.


F3 trainers teach some advanced concepts that you might not have known before. Learning ways to accelerate your progress will definitely lead to gains in strength, endurance, and improvements in your tone and definition.


5. Be Part of a Healthy Community

Being plugged into a healthy community is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. The F3 community provides accountability, information, support, incentive, and camaraderie from instructors and peers.


Training with others can make the experience more fun and help to push you to the next level. Seeing friendly faces is great incentive to continuing a fitness program. And when workouts get tough, misery loves company;-)


Our skilled trainers have a passion for fitness and years of coaching experience. F3 trainers constantly work to increase their knowledge and coaching skills by keeping up with certifications, coursework, health and fitness periodicals, workshops, and conferences. We are committed to bringing you the latest, most scientific methods for safely and effectively building strength and improving condition and mobility. Let us provide you with the accountability you need to succeed.


For more information on training with F3 call or email.


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