Binge-Worthy Workouts, Episode One: THE OFFICE

There’s nothing quite like watching episode after episode of a fantastic series, whether it’s one you’ve just discovered or one that you’ll never get tired of watching. But we’ve discovered a way to stay active AND spend the day watching your favorite shows.

The F3 team is proud to introduce the first installment in our Binge-Worthy Workout series. These interactive workouts combine TV-watching with exercise in a fun and challenging system. This month’s workout is inspired by NBC’s The Office, a longtime favorite for our team.


  1. Episodes of The Office

  2. A piece of paper and something to write with

  3. Your workout gear


  1. Queue up your favorite episodes of The Office.

  2. Read this month’s workout rules.

  3. Watch an episode!

  4. While watching, mark down any time one of the rules is mentioned. For example, if Jim pranks Dwight, you write down “35 kettlebell swings.”

  5. At the end of the episode, tally up your marks — this is your workout!

  6. Do your workout between episodes, and use the theme music as your time for warm-up and cool down.

  7. Repeat! Use the next episode as your break between sets — and the inspiration for your next workout set!

Now that’s what we call a TV marathon!

Glenn SethComment