4 Ways to Enhance Your Property’s Reputation and Decrease Tenant Turnover

Managing a property is a difficult job. So many tasks and so little time. In a recent post on “The Biggest Pain Points for Property Managers,” real estate pro Heather Hardy discusses the top challenges property managers face including managing their properties’ reputations and standing out in today’s competitive rental market. So, how do you establish your property as the residence of choice and set yourself apart from all of the other properties who are competing for your tenants?

We’ve compiled a list of ways to enhance your property’s reputation, helping you stand out from the competition and increase resident retention, by offering an exceptional living experience for your residents.

1- Offer your residents a lifestyle that is only found at your property.

Your property is unique, so why not establish a unique environment and way of life for your tenants that stands out? Give them added value with amenities such as a resident portal, where they can submit and track service requests, reserve amenity spaces, track their packages and deliveries, book a massage and more. This type of virtual personal assistant service is the gateway to your residents experiencing a truly luxurious lifestyle, increasing their satisfaction with and loyalty to your community.

2- Create unique events that help residents connect with their neighbors and build a sense of community.

Residents that make friends within the community are far more likely to stay. Host a unique event, such as a rooftop (or indoor) yoga session with a live DJ, and you’re guaranteed to generate buzz while your residents build relationships with each other. Imagine how thrilled your tenants will be, and the goodwill that will come, when you host a chef who teaches them how to make delicious and nutritious cuisine? All of this with the added benefit for your residents to build friendships and stay connected within the community. F3 Wellness Connections can take care of the entire event for you. Experiences like this are one sure way to inspire your residents to talk about your property to their friends.

3- Make your residents feel good in their bodies and about themselves.

Show your residents that you care about them by offering services that promote balance and well-being. F3 can help you with a resident appreciation event such as a group chair massage session. With the setup in your property’s lobby and a come-and-go setting with music and refreshments, a life-giving, refreshing massage will leave your tenants talking about the experience for weeks to come. A satisfied resident is a more loyal resident and more likely to renew their lease. 

4- Offer top-notch concierge services.

By giving your residents access to tailored services and support, you will offer them a truly luxurious living. F3’s wellness concierge service can assist you in connecting your residents with personal fitness coaches, massage therapists, and personal chefs. Our programs are designed to cater to the needs of residents who desire a privileged level of service to match a prestigious address. 

Want to find more ways to enhance your property’s reputation while decreasing tenant turnover? Call or email today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Together, we will create the right wellness program that is unique to your property.

Glenn SethComment