The Personal Touch: How to Turn Property Management into Tenant Relationships

Property management is a chaotic business. Even in the best of times, juggling current tenant needs, prospective tenant tours, lease agreements, utilities, event planning, vendor contracts, service orders, and more, is well beyond a full-time job. Yet, while these core duties are crucial to running a successful residential community, tenants are demanding more. They want personal service and attention. In fact, in the era of individually tailored amenities, offering personalized services to tenants is vital to attracting and retaining them in your community.

So, as a property manager with so many responsibilities, how can you add that personal touch for your tenants? Here are some of the most popular personalized services trending in community living today. Being able to offer these or similar services is critical to your occupancy rates and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

1- Hire and retain the best staff members. When it comes to the personal touch with tenants, nothing is more vital than the staff members you have on your team. The way in which they interact with residents is a crucial component of whether residents are satisfied with your property or searching for a new address.

2- Hotel-level amenities. As your tenants’ lives become busier and more hectic than ever, they increasingly look for ways to simplify their lives. When their living communities can help meet those needs, they become loyal customers. Younger renters seek hotel-type amenities such as valet parking, round-the-clock attended lobby, concierge services, and services for things such as food preparation and delivery, pet care, house cleaning, personal training, massage therapy and more.

3- A full array of healthy options. Tenants are also looking for the simplest ways to stay healthy, whether it’s through exercise, healthy eating, meal prep classes, or more. Offer services that create a community with group cooking classes, group exercise courses, game nights, etc., to build this community and meet the need to socialize while also meeting the need for healthy lifestyles.

4- Personalization. As tenants come to expect more and more from companies who market to them, they likewise expect more from the properties where they live. Get to know your customers’ needs and wants and tailor communications and events to meet those needs. This can be accomplished through certain software packages that track clients’ wants and demands or through more modest methods of data tracking. The data, however, is the key: knowing your customers leads to delivering the best possible personalized experiences for them.

5- Customized experiences. Whether a fun night at the property, a rooftop patio party, bringing in a coffeehouse to offer gourmet coffee one evening for your residents, or tenant-requested watch parties for the Oscars, customize group experiences to help build your sense of community within your tenants. While this seems old-fashioned, it isn’t…but only as long as you are listening and responding to the needs and wants of your tenants, instead of forcing something on them because you think it sounds like a good idea. Seek input on the types of experiences your tenants want, and then offer them.

As you work to personalize your tenants’ experiences and increase retention, F3 Wellness Connections offers many turn-key services and experiences, to help you meet these needs without investing the time necessary to do so. We help you meet the demands of all five of the personalized strategies listed above, as we offer events tailored to your community, as well as, high quality in-home services for residents, such as massage, personal training, private chef classes, and more. Our team members have worked at high-end spas and hotels, assuring your tenants the best customer service and a high level of responsiveness. We build a long-lasting relationship with residents and properties we work with by connecting with clients on a human level.

Contact F3 Wellness Connections today so we can create a wellness program tailored to your property and residents, helping you deliver the personalized experiences that will win the retention game.

Glenn SethComment