Mix Up Your Workout Routine with Functional Training and Improve Your Life

Functional training. It’s the concept that exercises should be designed so that they help us perform our daily activities with fewer injuries and greater ease. Thus, our workouts should not only tone and build strength and stamina, but they should likewise help us in the things we do every day, whether at home, work or playing sports.

This form of training finds its origins in rehabilitation training, as each exercise is created with specific, practical end results in mind. Functional training teaches our muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements we might do in our daily lives, helping improve our quality of life.

Functional training offers many practical benefits and is a smart way to build your workout regimen:

  1. Portable. Functional training can be extremely portable, with exercises done either at home or at the gym. Simple exercises such as multidirectional lunges and bicep curls offer functional benefits. Yoga and kettlebell training are two such portable workouts, with both offerings tremendous benefits. F3 Wellness can help you get started or grow in your yoga practice.

  2. Affordable. Several common tools are used for functional training, including kettlebells, fitness balls, and weights, all of which are affordable pieces of equipment. F3 Wellness Connections specializes in kettlebell training, which is one of the most effective forms of functional training as it utilizes muscle groups from your entire body while also building flexibility and stamina.

  3. Customizable. Since functional training is built around the needs of your lifestyle, your workout regimen is tailored to meet those needs. F3 Wellness Connections can help you build this customized plan with our initial consultation, designing a program that meets your individual needs.

  4. Reduces risk of injury. Since functional training is built around building your body to effectively and safely meet the physical demands of your daily activities, it likewise reduces your risk of injury.

Regardless of your ultimate fitness goals, functional training greatly impacts your life by making you more effective at the things you do every day. Contact F3 Wellness Connections today and let us help you build a functional training plan that is right for you. Whether it involves kettlebells, yoga or all things in between, our professional trainers can help you get the most impact out of your workouts.

Glenn SethComment