Be Well – At Home or Abroad. Ten Wellness Rituals to Experience Around the World.

Wellness is important for all of us, regardless of what corner of the world we call home. As awareness increases on the need for “self-care,” it’s important to find the things that work best for us as individuals. While we might happen to find those wellness techniques from our own experiences, we might also have to look elsewhere to find the right fit.

One great way to improve personal wellness is to learn and experience techniques used in other places around the world, expanding your toolbox of wellness practices, broadening your wellness knowledge, and finding what works best for you.

Whether you’re planning a late summer vacation, or just want to try these international techniques in the comfort of your own home, these ten worldwide wellness experiences can make you feel healthier and more vibrant as you become the best “you” possible.

Switzerland – Mountain Retreats

Spending a day or a weekend away in the mountains is a popular wellness ritual in Switzerland. The clean, crisp air and the beautiful views almost guarantee relaxation and rejuvenation. If you don’t have mountains nearby, or find it difficult to retreat to the countryside, then find a peaceful, beautiful park near home where you can soak up nature and release the troubles of the world.

Taiwan – Afternoon Naps

It’s commonplace in Taiwan to work from early in the morning until midway through the evening. As a result, lunchtime naps are not only common – they are encouraged. Many workplaces will even turn out the lights after lunch for employees to nap and recharge in their offices, helping them finish strong with the remainder of the day.

Lebanon – Drinking Rose Water

Rose water has many beneficial properties, such as plumping up the skin, fighting acne, anti-inflammatory benefits, and reduction of wrinkles and age spots as a result of the antioxidants it contains. The practice finds its roots in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, practiced originally as part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Italy – Social Dinners

At first glance, this technique may seem commonplace, as we eat dinner daily and likely enjoy someone else’s company at least part of the time. However, in Italy, they take this practice to a whole new level. Dinner is viewed as a time to gather and converse, with the meal often taking two hours or more. Taking this time to slow down, to talk, to unwind can be a vital way to relieve stress and increase connectedness.

Argentina – Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a stellar way to reduce stress, increase inner peace, and cultivate emotional wellness. In Argentina, this is more popular than anywhere else in the world and the social stigma of seeing a therapist is practically non-existent. This results in many more people taking advantage of the benefits of therapy, yielding more contentment and better emotional health.

Pakistan – Coconut Scalp Massages

Coconut oil scalp massages lead to relaxation and de-stressing. The oil likewise yields soft, silky hair while aiding with dryness and dandruff. While coconut oil is common in Pakistan, many other areas around the world offer a twist on this practice with other materials as part of the scalp massage. This technique reduces knots of stress that are often “hiding” in our scalp unbeknownst to us.

Peru – Nature Escapes

When life becomes burdensome and stresses pile up, Peruvians seek their wellness outdoors. Whether it’s a nice bike ride or a walk out in nature, simply getting out of the house and finding comfort in nature offers to many health and wellness benefits. The physical activity offers a multitude of positive impacts, while being out among the grass, tress, clouds and more offers a healthy way to unwind.

Finland – Finnish Sauna

Saunas are a wildly popular part of life in Finland, taking an important space in the Finnish culture. These are traditionally heated by wood and offer a place to relax with family and friends while yielding mental, emotional, and physical benefits. For the full benefit, taking a cool shower after the sauna offers a rejuvenating, refreshing sensation.

Japan – Tea Ceremony

This important cultural ritual is based on the Zen principles of harmony, tranquility, purity and respect. Japanese green tea, called Matcha, delivers a soothing, calming effect as you both prepare it and drink it. Whether you know the full ceremony or not, take the time to deliberately, slowly make your next cup, meditating on these principles as you do, for some needed relaxation.

Brazil – Self-Help Books

Self-help is important to the culture in Brazil. In fact, self-help books dominate the lists of best-sellers here and people routinely seek out ways to improve their lives through self-help literature. This practice is easy to replicate, you just need to have the discipline to follow through and read.

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