Make Your Vacation Something Refreshing with Wellness Travel

It’s Spring Break season and people are preparing for vacations all over the country. When we think of these trips, we usually think of faraway places, budget-busting excursions, delicious culinary experiences and taking a break from the daily grind. We might also think about burning the candle at both ends to soak up everything that getaway has to offer, and in turn, coming back home in need of a break to catch up from the exhaustion and stress of the vacation.

Looking for a better way to live and a way to truly get refreshed on vacation? Then perhaps wellness travel is for you.

What is Wellness Travel?

Wellness travel is a mindset. It’s the idea that when you are able to travel and get away, you should come back refreshed, rejuvenated and invigorated, not worn out, exhausted and dragging yourself back to work. Wellness travel is planned with your health as a priority, including your physical, mental and emotional well-being. In short, when you undertake wellness travel, you should come home feeling better than you did when you left.

All too often, this isn’t the case for most of us. We try to pack our itineraries so full, we eat unhealthy things that suck away our energy and we fail to get adequate rest. Why? Because we focus on accomplishing our itineraries more than we do on the benefits of taking a vacation in the first place.

Benefits of Wellness Travel

Planning a trip with your wellness in mind has several key benefits over traditional vacationing.

  1. Focusing on physical activity and exercise on your trip can help you form better habits at home. Whether you try a new hobby like hiking or biking, or simply make yourself more intentional about walking versus riding while sightseeing, intentional physical activity on a vacation can be a great springboard to more similar activity after your return home.

  2. You can enjoy new cuisine AND eat healthy at the same time. Sometimes, the most exotic or unusual foods available on vacation are very healthy for us, whether lean meats, or different fruits and vegetables than we usually eat. Be intentional about healthy eating, and this habit can also follow you home. Likewise, while it’s OK to sample unique desserts or sweets, don’t overindulge as it can have a negative effect on your energy level and on your dietary habits.

  3. Wellness travel can help you reduce stress and anxiety. When planned correctly, you can in fact actually relax on vacation. Stay less focused on how much you accomplish each day and more focused on how you feel each day. This can be done by planning fewer activities while intentionally enjoying them more.

  4. Wellness travel can leave you feeling refreshed when you come home instead of being worn out and exhausted. One key to this is getting enough sleep while on your vacation. Be sure to rest, so that the time you have will be maximized to the highest enjoyment possible.

Looking to turn your next vacation into a wellness travel experience? F3 can help you with tips on activities, dietary plans, exercise plans and more. Contact us today to learn how you can make wellness part of your travel plans and part of your everyday life.

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