“Garden to Glass” Cocktail Party: Redefining Responsible Drinking

Whoever said alcohol and veggies don’t go together? The foodie focus on “farm to table” inspired incredible recipes, delicious restaurants, and our new favorite pastime—the “garden to glass” movement, which focuses on bringing hearty, healthy ingredients to your cocktail glass.

That’s right! Vegetables and alcohol, together at last. Here at F3, we’re ready to bring the “garden to glass” movement to your residents with a curated mixology course. Our professional bartender will teach your residents how to create healthy and fresh cocktails using local ingredients and cleaner, low-calorie alcohols like sake, Japanese whiskey, and Mezcal. These delicious cocktails will be packed with vitamins and minerals, with bases in our favorite “superfood” fruits and veggies.

Space in our “Garden to Glass” class schedule is limited, so be sure to call or email today to set up an evening of delicious, nutritious indulgence exclusively tailored to your residents’ tastes. 

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Glenn and the F3 Team

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